About La Passion Du Vin


We have developed special relationships with wineries in Bordeaux (France), Spain, Italy and Napa Valley (California). Our associates, who are connoisseurs of wine, advise us in the selection of wines specifically for buyers in different countries. Some of the major buyers of wines go through 2 or 3 brokers. Our base in Bordeaux, the oldest wine producing region in the world, has enabled us to develop our own direct connections and offer our clients a vast portfolio at a competitive price. We also deal with smaller/independent Chateaux and wineries, which provide excellent niche wines.


We partner with major distributors around the world


Partners in passion for wine

Umang Malhotra,  Asia & U.S.

I have a passion for wine. I have been drinking wine for nearly forty  years, and I recommend the wines that go well down my throat, and bring me certain pleasure. I am looking forward to a joyful and enduring relationship with our clients. 

 umang2@aol.com /  umang@lapassionduvin.co


Sicily Wan,  China.



Michael B. Toth,  California, U.S.

 My ancestors were wine makers in Eger, Hungary.  Perhaps this explains my taste for fine wine.  As a retired bank executive I have learned the importance of taking time to relax and enjoy life.  Truly, a carefully prepared meal complimented by the right wine is one of life’s pleasures that can make a person’s heart rejoice.  It is my privilege and pleasure to assist with your wine business. 



Sommelier Viviane Somerlat,  South America



‘Master Sommelier’ Thierry Rieunier, 

Owner of Chez Le Pépère, Bordeaux, FR